Monday, February 21, 2011


This is perhaps something we all hate when others asks from us and at the same time, something we want it from all, or someone.... We can run, hide but this expression will take a toll out of our lives and the one's we are surrounded by. 

Especially, in every relation (which doesn't exclusively mean girlfriend - boyfriend) attention is something that is 'wanted' by all. From a kid  to old age Grand pa! A learning which comes naturally to us, first as a need to call our loved ones and later as an urge within, to the society... a sense for the need of recognition.

But every coin comes with two faces, if it's nice to seek attention, at the same time it's bad too. Most of the time, it is this 'attention' which made us to make the choices that decides the path of our lives, rather then what we actually want to do.

We do it for so long that the whole sense of doing what we can or are good at is lost somewhere. These are those people who don't want this gets it. The one guy who never thought about being compared with Sir Don Bradman, was the one who actually got compared to him by Sir Bradman himself. And the one thing he always aspired to (a world cup) is what he has been unable to achieve till now. This is no theory but certainly this suggest that those who dream, spent their life dreaming as famous (or infamous) "Shaikhchilli"... and why, because we think about all the attention and gifts that we'll get once we reach there.... and hence skip the detailing to reach there.

Somebody once said that it makes you eternally happy when make others happy.... but do not misread, making others happy not because they are in your presence, but the real happiness. A hungry man is not feeling happy because he is in blessed company of Lord Buddha but he is happy because Lord Buddha gave him something to eat.

But is it a problem to ask for attention? When we were of an age when we can't speak, even then we want that warmth of our parents almost 24X7, so we learn to cry, which is a kind of conditioning we gather of, well, our first experience which tells us that we can achieve that if we cry. Hence, when we are conditioned in that way, the outcome is very obvious. 

Seeking attention turns to be irritating when we don't deserve and ask for it, or even though we may deserve it, we ASK for it. It's that whole concept of RIGHT or WRONG that creates a 'chemical lochha'... if I may put it that way.

May be 'the ATTENTION' is something that comes to us by others and the moment we crave for it, it just bounce back to our own face. It's like our name, which is ours yet used by others. So, its cute when new born kids do that, not so cute when we grow up, even if one may want to argue that the one who won will act like winner, not the one who come second...

So what you think?

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Anonymous said...

I think, you are damn right.

This attention compels us to do and achieve a lot of things which we probably would not have achieved. It's good as well as bad.

What we really need is the capability to choose what kind of attention is that which we really want in our lives.