Friday, January 6, 2012

'the PURE'

When the whole world is in 'the RACE' (yes the whole world, thats why Muslim leaders have to comment negatively on Women's Bill or the 'akhadas' of Hindu religious gurus have to show off during the famous or infamous Kumbh Snanas), the question arises, "Where is peace left?" Everyone is running and there so many multi-fold races going on that while doing nothing, we are still a part of some race.

And why not, the dreams which got attached to us since the time we were in the womb! But why am I worried. Even with all the bad phases, wrong decisions, natural calamity or the EVIL, world is still a beautiful place with full of optimism and an eye to prevent the bad. But whom am I kidding... I also look at the negative part first.

Then there are things which remove this dirt inside us for a moment, for eg - the smile of a baby which leaps over all the boundaries made by men in any form. That chuckle of some kid which let us smile, may be only for a second or two is possibly the purest we can be - a moment near to almighty.... (My wife don't agree to that)

Hence the question arises, are we good, as in clean... or were we ever had that time of pureness in our live, after we started talking? Seems a common situation to every soul on the planet. A question which hit us at least once in our lifetime...

The greatest work of art by the almighty where solution lies in the question and yet human can't figure it out as the ego (another master stroke of genius Lord) won't let the mind go hunting in the right direction.

A question un-answered... a mystery unresolved... 

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Anonymous said...

Good post!

Yes, it's a mystery unresolved if you are keen to find the perfect answer..the magical key to the utmost purity and peace.

On the other hand, one might also say that 'the PURE' and 'the PEACE' aspects of life are subjective. You can find the chuckle of a baby or the sight of flowing water or something as simple as a sunrise PURE..Purely depends on what we see and how do we see it..

Lovely post though..keep 'em coming..