Thursday, May 30, 2013

'the COST'

Another day at the office and after a fire-fighting start of the day, we had a couple of minutes in the soothing heat wave that is claiming the most talked about thing in the city. The office boy came and asks for the petty cash account status and my friend jokingly mentioned, "Not to worry, he will pay on his own for the office expenses." And I was like.... what? Are you serious coz I don't like jokes. He said, "अबे समुद्र को क्या फ़र्क पड़ता है अगर एक लोटा पानी निकाल लो तो” And I thought to myself that is some 'thing' we all have said to somebody one time or another, without realizing that it matters, it matters to the sea.

I guess, rather I believe that every such idiom, metaphor or whatever you kids call it these days, came from an experience and stuck as an expression. Ever wonder to ask the sea itself if it matters, बस लगे अक्ल का घोडा दौड़ाने, बिना जाने की सामने वाले का सच का भी एक आयाम है

It matters from anybody to give something of his / her / its own. the COST of one bottle of water out of the sea, paying of one's own pocket, sending away own kid to boarding house or giving away a daughter.... this all matters. Sometimes we don't say coz we know that we'll be there at that place sometime in future and sometime we act like complete jerk, without empathizing the scene.

In the life of 'the RACE' the time is the new currency which we just don't have. Actually it's our inability to share the same amount of time that each one of us have in a day. That's why we chose to be on the Social media and awkward in Society. That's why we eat food in front of idiot box than talking with the tiny part of family that we have. That's why we dodge a call from an old acquaintance because why change the pattern of the day.

'the COST' is something we all are paying. The amount may be different but the rate is the same. The moment we chose 'the RACE' over life, the tag of 'the COST' came along.

So go back home, hold the one you love close to you and whisper in their ears that you love them no matter what. Take chances in picking up the phone when it rang, who knows what awaits us. We may not get time to go on adventures every day, but the pattern of the day can be allowed to change.

Life is short and if you are already in 'the RACE', 'the COST' with EMI has already begun and it is only going to get bigger till we become the sea at the end of our lives and understand that it does matter to the sea for that one bottle of water out of it.

Just... I mean... just.... seize it... everything.. just.....

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