Sunday, January 31, 2016

the HOLD

"the RACE" began, we all were or rather are still part of it. Whether one stopped to ponder over or continued, the next phase is inevitable. It's the investment we made that now requires nurture. A question or agreement to "the RACE" looks a needle point now or rather a MOO-point.

The instinct of survival is in gear, and for those who don't agree - thank your stars. Our hands are clutched tightly, holding it and trying to find more ropes av much as we can. New faces join the little love cloud of ours, new lives cooing and looking at us, making us hold that rope of the RACE.

We spend more time away from those for whom we want to be together always. "the HOLD" is a funny feeling. We think we are holding the rope of the next move, next phase, next decision, so on and so forth.... but interestingly enough "the HOLD" is other way round. We are mere doorkeeper, we think the things we are guarding is because we are the master of it, but really think... I mean the moments, time lost for something big to come.... come on guys, lets wake up.

The time that is spent away from your new born kid so that you can buy that car seat or first insurance premium.... is it important than to hold those tiny little fingers, or the look of astonishment on both of your faces.

Is it more important to spend those late nights in office preparing MIS than to have a quiet and lovely dinner with your love ones.

I believe this next phase of "the RACE" is costing more (as expected). We think (since we are the ones who complain to the next fellow man), hence we are a little confused... Let's see the mentioned state of confusion --- Study means mugging up, life means working, spending means materialistic stuff.

the COST in this phase is the only rare commodity that you and I have on this planet and i.e. time. We are spending more time with strangers than family, more time in preparing PPT than preparing that science model for our kids, more time on train to commute than on the road trip with friends, more time at doctors than in fresh valley, more time in eating junk food than preparing your on silly invention.

the HOLD we have is something that we can't let go off, at least I think I cannot... But I'm going to try to look around too, loose the HOLD a little.... a little by little..

You Game?


Mitali said...

Nice one bhai...!!

Luxury Holidays said...

Please write the next one!! Egrly waiting....

Luxury Holidays said...

Please write the next one!! Egrly waiting....