Thursday, March 11, 2010

'the FEAR'

Ghosts, failure, experiment and so many other things that we are afraid of; we all have our own shares of fear, but the common thing is that we have fear of the unknown. The question is not the result of the failure in exams or NO to your work proposal or love proposal, fear is the anxiety of the possible OUTCOME, which we don’t know and this “unknown” factor haunts us the most.

There is no definition to spirits, ghosts or even God. They are all names to some unknown power they have and how it can ‘possibly’ affect us or our lives (in either good or bad way). Everybody is afraid of it, or in other words ‘loves’ it (when they offer themselves to this unknown power source). We have no idea what ghosts or spirits are but we know (question is how we know, who tells us that we believe them) that they are not good and opposite to Good.

As far as God is concerned, well since HE represents the GOOD, humans tend to love it. Yet, who hasn’t talked that “If you forget god, he will forget you” or “when we remember HIM in our lows, why not remember in our ups too”. I am not trying to be judgmental, but well you’ll all agree that it’s the fear to lose HIS support, that makes most of the work done.

Fear is not always bad, it’s simply the unknown. Over the whole humanity race and since ages, people have been trying to look things from different perspectives. When you try to look differently, you challenge the normal belief set, normal set of rules of society – and it results in - they all call you sinner or crazy. (Remember Galileo’s belief that earth revolves round Sun). Yet people succeeded to change the belief pattern of all.

The core is that one fear keeps us going and another one stops us. It all comes down to the choices we have. ‘the FEAR’ lets us all running in ‘the RACE’. Only few take the risk to challenge and overcome their fear and it change the course of history. The icons of the societies emerges in form of lt. Dhitubhai Ambani or Sir Richard Branson, the ones who challenge their own fears. Who believed, not what they were told but what the UNKNOWN possibility which is unfold.

Unfortunately not many have the courage. We all are happy to be afraid of ‘the FEAR’ and live life the way it comes to us. A set pattern is what we look for, and the security. It’s better not to know the hideous fact if it disturbs “the perfect world” of ours then to face it and finish it



Fakhri said...


nishinsideout said...

Well written.. Its actually very perplexing sometimes to ponder over whether you have "Fear" or "Faith" in Him.And to an extent even we selfish humans have crafted out our own fear n faith definitions.
Nice ending lines.

gunika said...

i like a blog aft v long wich duznt talk jus abt d blog!!nice....n u knw wat...i liked dat god part d most...i firmly blv in it....worship shouldnt b overdone...nway...nice work..more on philosophical side with a hint of intellectual touch...lke it!!
dnt stop nw!!:)

snehal said...

grt after the other...great flow of thoughts...specially the last para..liked it!!

lokesh said...

Great...any way u r a great bakar i know from 2nd sem.....but truly saying if u go by mythological way u will find the exact defination of fear and ghost both. ghosts are good as well as bad. and Dharams are nothing but always motivate u towards life if u will understand well.....Great going

sania said...

Dis was best of ol...dat caught my attention because i too believe d same.....1s faith overpowers,den dere is nuthn dat ll let him down ever...its d trust dat keeps everythn goin...but d plight id dat only a few understand and imbibe it.....
keep up d gud work...happy writinG!