Thursday, March 18, 2010

‘the FICTION - introduction’

As a kid, I always liked to read stories. Stories that were published in all kid’s magazines, then I saw comics which have this picture perfect quality. We all did, and I like it today also. I believe that kid’s stories are the easiest form to communicate (as the best teacher is the one in the primary school who can teach a person who can only make sounds the starting alphabets). I grew up with all this literature around me and then I saw something which astonished me. This fiction was teaching me how to react or understand the factual world around me.

A common man (like me) grew up in a world of NO and CAN’T. He only knows the restrictions which he is unable to do, so much so that he gets restrictions on his dreams too. But fiction has no dreams, and thats why a common man look forward to it... "There is some unknown power which is going to help me" and for that we look for something to assist us. One of our friend is moving ahead of us with power pace, instead of looking the reasons why he / she is achieving this success, we question our fate and raise our hopes for some illusion to happen.

Human is a social animal and works as per the society rules and regulations yet he / she lives in his / her own small world of opportunities and optimism where everything is possible. A place where there are beautiful gardens, running river water and Stories - where his fiction gives him his so much wanted support which he can't imagine in the real world.

Why do one fantasize? The answer is simple - we all want to achieve everything. Want to roam around the whole world, earn million and millions everyday, want to work our dream job and settle down with the most beautiful life partner, and many more. And the belief is that there are people who have achieved this; if they can, then why can't I?

May its not wrong either. The solution for the so called problems may not come out, but it gives an immense opportunity to learn and face the adverse situations which are a regular part of our lives. So, if Sachin Tendulkar turn out to be master blaster, never think that you can't - because that fiction-world of yours will never let you down.

Whether women bill will help in women empowerment or not, or Mumbai will turn to Shanghai by 2020, but one thing is for sure - the dreams are shaping up. Fiction is taking a shape of reality, so keep dreaming and aspire...

In quick successions, I am going to post some stories - like 'em or hate 'em, but do read 'em... cause our lives are small to learn everything from our own experiences...

I'll be back....


Anonymous said...

Grew up wid NANDAN,CHAMPAK,CHANDAMAMA,SUMAN-SAURABH,CHACHA -CHOUDHARY,PINKI, BILLU etc..I was an avid reader of TINKLE DIGEST!! And have read every single edition of the same atleast 15times..
And i totally agree wid watever u said just now..first thing that i used to do after getting into the next standard way back in school is to open up my hindi and englisg text-books and read all d stories in it in a day or two...
And yes..the reasons were d same..i used to enjoy the fantasies..d beauty over dr..Winning od right over the wrong..Good always won over dr..
dse stories strengthen our beliefs and help us to aspire...and d aspiration for sumthing leads to the realisation of the same...coz thats wat we think and live wid the whole day...thats why dy say:-
What we think about is what we bring about!!!

Damn good post!!!

VIP said...

@ Anonymous - Nice expressions... hope you like my new posts coming in!!