Wednesday, March 10, 2010

'the RACE'

MBA is over, and I am back at my home town. I remember I use to write (well that was way back)... Ahh, I am so bored, that don't feel like writing here too. May be my friends were right when they call me a lazy bum (I don't even know if that's a word).

Like any other child, I had my own share of goals and dreams. One day, I was a cricketer (to be a footballer or hockey player is not a dream of a normal Indian child..... does that sound upsetting), and the other day I am an actor (who didn't wanted that... he he he). I got firm to be a pilot, but then got these glasses over my eyes and had to drop that idea.

All in all, things started getting clear, or rather I say the whole idea of 'the RACE' started getting in my head. Today I think, all of us went through the same phase - in one way or the other. Mounting pressure for 10th Board exams (Did our parents never appeared in them, if yes then how come they are unable to lift the fear or pressure), selection of the subject in 11th (normally not by the choice of the student, but what his parents, neighbors and family suggests) and again the 12th Board.

The power to choose what a child can do best is never given or it's given is conditional way (eg. "Sure you can play cricket, we will support you. But you can't be Sachin Tendulkar, so why waste time. You think, we will support you") and the child goes on to study Science so that he may become an Engineer or a Doctor one day (suppose to be handsomely paying jobs with a lot of respect).

And then the unseen, unknown and never achieved RACE begins. Parents saw potential in their kid, and kid can't let his / her parents down. Tear in mom's eye or tense face of Dad is enough to let the kid for a kill - even to kill his own dream and fulfill what makes his parents happy. So what if I am a bad student of Science, but I'll be an engineer, I will sit for IIT-JEE and if not that, settle for any 'good' institute for a engineering course. Then of course, I have to have an MBA degree or PGDM so that I'll have a job with fat salary cheque.

Everybody is running, and the participants are in such a huge number that the race is an ocean. No one can stop, the will to win or come first is lost. We all are running without looking which way are we heading to. Is it the way we thought we'll be one day? Is it what we wanted to be when we are kids and the whole world was open for us, where we can just have been anything.

'the Race' has resulted in a large, immensely large pool of people who have all the materialistic things and who think all the time about getting these materialistic things only. And I find myself in the center of it. May be we all do...

Take a pause, look around - is it the path we chose to walk on. 85% in 10th, Engineer, doctor or CFA after 12th, an MBA degree after that and then what!! A job, then marriage, kids in two years, a nice apartment or may be a house, a car, latest XBox for kids. Is this the great plan for life!

The life is the gift of god to us, and what we do with this life is our gift back to HIM.

Ah well, whom am I kidding. I took a pause, waited to look around... and you know what. People are still running, and I may fall behind.

Alright guys.... I'm off to run again, cant wait... see ya later

tell me how you liked it...


MITZ said...

Everyone loses himself in the race to satisfy others, who hardly exist...The best way to repay the gift of GOD is to follow your heart, your passion and live it...duniya jaye bhad mein...!!!
Well composed!!!

snehal said...

nice...very well written..ur first stint at writing a blog...n a great job done...keep going

Anonymous said...

Everyone goes through the same stages but no one analyse these situations in their life and just keep living life as it comes.

Reading at your blog also people dont think or associate themselves with the idea you are sharing. They just look at how well you write or how intellectual you are.

The difference between the real race and life race is that in life race people dont even realise they are part of it.

Love your blog though...

theultimate1 said...


Race Saanson Ki... saansein lena mushkil hojaati hai, if you don't join the rat-race. This is the 21st Century and the world is getting ever so capitalistic (just a better term for materialistic). Good you decided to run again with the herd. You never know when you might come across another street that is destined for you and you might just be the winner there.

In effect, if you're standing where you are at right now, you're not moving... chances are high the stampede will crush ya [and I tell ya... no amount of motivational philosophies will do any good anyway, unless acted upon]. So, better start moving ahead but keep your eyes open.

On the side note, the ending of the post was just too good. Reminded me of Bruce Willis' 1st episode in the movie 'Sin City'. awesome closure to the post

Pankaj said...

yeaa, I also gone through each of these stages, I also know how we proved ourselves to be more and more competitive.

Things are not proved by getting good scores, because these scores are not the metrics on the basis of which individual's personality can be judged.

So we all are working hard to achieve our targets and to accomplish our dreams, but important thing is how much satisfied is our inner self is.

What Say ??

From a guy who shared same bench with you for most of the school days. :)