Saturday, March 13, 2010

'the RIGHT and the WRONG'

Frankly speaking, I am not in a real good mood of writing anything. But, got to make a habit, its a good habit, its Right. Huh, a funny feel - what is right and what is wrong actually. For eg. saying truth is right, that means lying is wrong; yet sometime lying is right too. Its all so confusing. One is thing is for sure, what is wrong for one person, may be right for another one (like being a vegan or non-vegetarian). Its probably what one believes in.

The feel that I am an Indian - thats is right, yet hurting the people of the same country - somehow that is right too, or else it wouldn't have been happening. Thinking about your people good - thats right, and to do good to your people by hurting others - how come that is right then! 

I don't want to put forth the events that has been happening over the point of language or distribution of states, we are all well aware of them. I am just confused that when a kid is growing (mind you, in this very society) and he is told what is right and what is wrong and that everybody of us were told that we must avoid bad things, how come bad stuff is still there!

Is it that with time, circumstances, situations and emotions play with our heads to suggest that what somebody is saying or what we'll do is right... And since we think, that its right, we go ahead and do it - some times with an idea that though it is wrong, its still right.

Jehad or communal riots took place and it is known that the force who carried out these things are right in their own way. Are they really. Well thats more confusing stuff, and I restrain myself speaking anything about it since I know pretty less about it.

But even at a normal, day to day level - things are happening. Talking to someone is right and talking to a person who is (kind of) enemy to my friend - is wrong (how?) 

Respecting elders is always right, and keeping quiet when molested by this elder - is right (how?)

Teaching young ones "don't lie" is right and then asking them to answer a phone suggesting that you are not home in order to avoid that person - is right (why?)

I know we all have read and felt the same stuff over the years and nobody has an answer to it, but one thing is for sure that all this stuff makes a value system of a person. Since everybody is unique, the learning from these teachings plus experiences will vary. Hence, we get a society of all sorts of people - believing and trusting their value system. And this becomes the reasoning to our belief for what is right and what is wrong.

May be these unanswered questions and the learning (ironically, out of an unanswered stuff) makes things complex. This allows us to argue and its good (is it right?) till its healthy. But then we try to prove that we are right and you are wrong (even though both sides are right in their own way) and that becomes deadly.

This conflict between my right and your right emerges as the boundaries around us.Love for mine and hate for yours develops.Competition develops and most of the time it might not be healthy - the RACE is on.

But, things are changing - the boundaries are getting narrower and shorter. Respect to your right is emerging since you respect my right, though you may not agree. "I may not agreed with what you say, but I will protect your right to say it"

The sun is dying, but the light is not!


Anonymous said...

Ds one is d stuff that i usually keep thinking abt.
i giv thoughts to y is it that the same thing which is right for me is wrong for my parents and right for my boyfriend but wrong for my girlfriends.. and then i start intensifying my thought process to find a mutually acceptable solution but end up getting more confused, perplexed and disturbed for not able to paint a right solution for everyone on the canvas!!!
Hope to do it soon..

VIP said...

@ Anonymous - This is a question thought by all and realized by few. It's part of life, had we had all the answers - think of the power a human being will possess. What we have already is only being used for personal favors.... So keep eyes open, and have an eye to learn

Unknown said...

.....nice...stuff to think again. To me there is no right or wrote g in life. The beauty of existence lies in doing what is appropriate, rather than relying on morals and ethics....